One of the most common ways of joining the masons is by being introduced to the local lodge by a friend who is already a member. This can be done at an outside social function or during one of the lodges many open evenings. The exact initiation ritual will vary for each lodge.

Thanks to modern technology there is an even more convenient method of joining. Members of the public can simply locate their nearest lodge by doing some research on the internet. Candidates are the ones who are responsible for their potential membership. People are never invited and instead they must ask. This decision is then taken to a vote by those in the lodge.

Candidates who are successful in their application must be of sound character. They also usually have to be above a certain age requirement. The exact minimum age will be at the discretion of individual lodges. Generally speaking, this is at least 18.

Candidates must declare their belief in a “Supreme Being”. Sometimes they have to be part of a specific faith. For instance, in Scandinavia only Christians are permitted to join the masons.