Masonry Job Risks and Managing These Risks

Masonry Job Risks and Managing These Risks

Whether you are interested in the Freemason culture or you are somehow involved with the culture, here are some interesting facts that you may not have known about Freemasonry:

  • There are almost 5 million members worldwide which is more than the entire population of Rome or Los Angeles. Of these five million members, two million are in the United States and 500 000 in the UK.
  • There are some general requirements for those looking to become a freemason, but they are not as strict as many believe them to be.
  • CHildren (under 18) cannot become Masons and it is not something that you inherit or that is in your blood.
  • The society isn’t secret; only The Order is. Freemasons are entirely entitled to discuss and openly announce that they are masons. They cannot, however, discuss the contents of the secret Order.
  • Freemasonry’s roots and system is based on the idea of taking the elements of stonemasonry including strong foundations, hard work and dedication to employ morality, friendship and brotherly love amongst the population.
  • The Square and compasses are the oldest but also the most widely recognized and recognizable symbols of freemasonry.
  • Freemasons do a lot of charitable work and donate to good causes in their local community.
  • Freemasons do not have their own healthcare or medicine and use physicians and services like the rest of society:
  • There are no rules for a meeting of freemasons. Contrary to popular belief, there are no rules or rituals and each meeting is different depending on who goes and where it is held.
  • The Masonic Lodge is not actually a place. It is actually the term used to refer to the people who attend meetings, not the building or room that it is held in.
  • Freemasonry is not a religion. Freemasonry does have beliefs and virtues but is not considered a religion on its own.
  • Even though it is not a religion, you cannot be an atheist to join freemasonry.
  • There are secret ways of greeting and recognizing other freemasons. This includes handshakes, symbols on clothing, etc.
  • Perjury is not off the table for Masons; it is not permitted to testify against a fellow mason so masons must lie and commit perjury if put in this position
  • A woman once hid in a church when Masons met for a year to find out what freemasonry is all about. She was then held captive for over a month when the masons found her.
  • Charles Darwin, Mark Twain, Benjamin Franklin and even George Washington were freemasons.
  • Women are not allowed to become freemasons in the United States. In Europe, however, many freemason societies have evolved to allow women to be initiated


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