The Floor Décor Of Masonic Lodges

The Floor Décor Of Masonic Lodges

There are fairly stringent rules concerning the rituals and practices of masonic members. However, there is greater freedom when it comes to the interior design of lodges. The higher ups are able to choose whichever floor decorations they wish. They can use the website Trend Carpet to find great rug options.

Considering The Lodge Colour

One of the key ways to differentiate masonic lodges is through the use of colour. Each one will tend to have one particular hue that they favour. For example, a pink rug would be ideal for a lodge that also utilises this colour in its banner and coat of arms. This design method is also useful for ensuring that the overall scheme has a good level of consistency.

Safety Concerns

Those in charge of the lodge have to ensure the safety of members. A lot of older masonic buildings tend to have concrete flooring which can be a serious tripping hazard. Therefore the rug should be placed in a clearly visible area to stop people from inadvertently stepping on it. If masonic leaders are still concerned they could choose a non-slip kitchen style rug.

Sticking To An Allocated Budget

The amount of money that each lodge is given tends to be a closely guarded secret. Even if the lodge has plenty to spend it is still wise to stick to a budget. For example, if the leader is seeking a pink rug they can choose an affordable option available on the Trend Carpet website.

Rectangular Or Circular

The ideal shape of the rug is largely dependent on the layout of the lodge. Long and thin buildings would benefit from a rectangular one. Meanwhile circular rugs look great in wide masonic spaces. The person ordering the rug should also take into account any furniture within the room.