Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean

The Stonecutters are a secret society that can be seen in the animated sitcom, the Simpsons. They were designed to be a parody of real life mason organisations. They are first introduced in the episode “Homer the Great”, where the patriarch of the Simpson family gets to join them.

The head of the Stonecutters is referred to as Number One. Every other member has their own individual number that classifies their rank and status. They have a large headquarters that serves as the base of their organisation. Every Wednesday evening they all meet up so that they can drink copious amounts of alcohol and discuss their future activities.

In the town of Springfield there are at least 900 citizens who are part of the Stonecutters. If people want to join they must save a Stonercutter’s life. Alternatively they are permitted to join if their father is already a member.

Stonecutters are given special privileges in society. They get to park in reserved spaces, drive through secret roads and can have their property repaired in a swift amount of time. They also have their own emergency service number called 912 which gives them better healthcare.