Masons In Film

Masons In Film

Masons and similar orders have on occasion been featured in motion pictures. Due to the secretive nature of freemasonry the filmmakers must take creative liberties and fill in the gaps of their knowledge. Consequently, they do not portray the real life activities of masons and instead create fictional representations.

From Hell

Based on the popular graphic novel, this historical horror delves into the mystery of Jack the Ripper. The film suggests the masons were a key influence behind the murders. The ripper is revealed to be a member of the society who is performing a task for them.

The film suggests that the Queen’s son had an illegitimate son and that the ripper was hired to silence witnesses. A detective played by Johnny Depp is tasked with uncovering his identity. There is no evidence in the real world to suggest that this actually occurred.

The Skulls

The Skulls is about the titular real secret college society that is said to have ties to freemasonry. The movie follows a young student as he goes through the initiation rituals and learns about the organisation’s secrets. It received mostly negative reviews.