Freemasonry has been around for centuries and its presence has inspired several writers throughout history. In modern times there have been books, films and TV shows influenced by this secretive society.


It is easy to see some similarities between the mafia and the masons. Both emphasise a culture of secrecy. The members of each have a sense of unity. The main difference is that freemasonry does not involve such high levels of criminality.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation

In this bizarre sequel a family of murderers wreak havoc around their community. It is revealed that they are being directed to perform illegal tasks by a mysterious group of people. There are implications that this may in fact be a sinister form of masons.

Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut is one of the most iconic films when it comes showing covert societies. Tom Cruise plays a New Yorker who decides to go on a long night walk throughout the city. While doing see he ends up infiltrating a meeting between members of a strange underground order. They are all in masks to conceal their identities.

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks revolves around an FBI agent who is investigating a murder in the eponymous town. During his time there he is invited to become a member of the Bookhouse Boys. This is a covert group that strives to prevent crime in the local community. They believe in using vigilantism to stop drug dealing. Some of the members include staff from the town police department.


The TV show Angel follows a good vampire who fights evil in each episode. Throughout the course of the series it is revealed that dark events are being influenced by a secret society. The Circle of the Black Thorn is based in Los Angeles and uses magic to get what they want.