Fictional Organisations

Fictional Organisations

The masons have inspired a fair amount of fictional secret organisations. Writers are inspired by the mysterious nature of freemasonry. The societies that artists dream up tend to have at least a small amount of similarities to the masons.

Star Wars

In this epic science fiction series the Jedi Order are powerful beings that exist scattered throughout the galaxy. They are in hiding from the Galactic Empire after a colossal war. When Luke Skywalker wishes to learn the ways of the Jedi he is forced to seek out an expert who is living covertly on a swampy planet.


Fight Club

Fight Club focuses on a man who is tired of modern society. Therefore he sets up an organisation where similarly frustrated citizens can engage in underground fighting. Eventually the fight club grows into a sophisticated activist unit with its own ideology and philosophy. Members of it are sworn to secrecy with one of their main rules being to never discuss the club.

Rosemary’s Baby

This disturbing horror film is great at conveying a sense of paranoia and conspiracy. The eponymous Rosemary is recently pregnant and grows concerned over her neighbour’s obsession with her. Eventually Rosemary uncovers the truth: her husband and those in her apartment building are part of a secret group. They wish to use her and the baby in a nefarious plan.

Pirates of the Caribbean

In the third part of this swashbuckling series it is established that the pirates of the world all belong to their own order. Each corner of the world has a pirate king. The original trilogy climaxes in a large scale battle between the pirate society and members of the British Navy.