The Basics

  • Similar Organisations

    By on 14th September 2019

    Opus Dei This organisation has a multi-million dollar 17 story base of operations in New York. They officially have over...

  • Joining

    By on 15th April 2019

    One of the most common ways of joining the masons is by being introduced to the local lodge by...

  • What Is Freemasonry?

    By on 2nd March 2019

    Freemasonry involves a number of fraternal societies. These organisations have their origins in the stonemasons which were important members...

  • History

    By on 5th February 2019

    Much like many other aspects of freemasonry, the history of this organisation is shrouded in both mystery and secrecy....

  • Rituals

    By on 19th September 2018

    The rituals of freemasonry take place within a masonic lodge. They include scripted actions and words that are performed...