Masons And Culture

  • Masonic Orders and Augmentation

    By on 25th February 2022

    Freemasonry was seen as an exclusively male fraternity for much of its history. These organisations were first created by...

  • The Floor Décor Of Masonic Lodges

    By on 11th February 2022

    There are fairly stringent rules concerning the rituals and practices of masonic members. However, there is greater freedom when...

  • Why Terrazo Masons Should Choose Polished Concrete Flooring

    By on 11th February 2021

    Today, if you are looking for the best flooring materials, concrete polishing has undoubtedly become the most popular and...

  • Becoming a Freemason: What Are the Benefits?

    By on 15th December 2020

    Let me dedicate this article to those people who may be longing to join Freemasonry and would like to...

  • GTA V

    By on 24th November 2019

    Freemasonry has been around for centuries and its presence has inspired several writers throughout history. In modern times there...

  • Masons In Video Games

    By on 14th August 2019

    The masons have inspired fictional organisation seen in numerous video games. Sometimes the main character belongs to them. Other...

  • Masons In Film

    By on 13th July 2019

    Masons and similar orders have on occasion been featured in motion pictures. Due to the secretive nature of freemasonry...

  • Masonry Job Risks and Managing These Risks

    By on 7th April 2019

    Whether you are interested in the Freemason culture or you are somehow involved with the culture, here are some...

  • Fictional Organisations

    By on 28th November 2018

    The masons have inspired a fair amount of fictional secret organisations. Writers are inspired by the mysterious nature of...

  • Pirates of the Caribbean

    By on 12th October 2018

    The Stonecutters are a secret society that can be seen in the animated sitcom, the Simpsons. They were designed...